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why get thinner when you can get more dinner

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I’m not even kidding rn

hey, do you know of any redheaded Nyotalia designs? I really wanna cosplay someone but I'd rather use my natural hair. Sorry for bothering you!!!

bruh I love getting asks you aren’t bugging me 

2p/nyo/  England has dark red hair in like ponytails (click link) xxx

fem! Italy’s hair is also a little reddish: xxx

You could also make your own Scotland or Ireland fem cosplay oc!! That would be pretty cute 

some ideas for that: x  x  x  x

Good luck cosplaying, I hope I helped!!

some people: You are a good fem!america cosplayer!! You should try cosplaying Beligum!

me: Ok but consider this: 

aph iceland 



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  Anonymous said:
Ahhh sorry about that then :s Hope you continue having a good time blogging then! :) Hopefully I didn't come off as really rude with that message...

no its ok friendo <3

  Anonymous said:
I don't really get why that heterotalia deviantart page is so bad? Isn't it just focusing on the straight couples, in a way where there are groups dedicated to nordic ships or America centric ships and so on? To think they are threatened by gay ships is so absurd, its hetalia for goodness sake.

I agree, I never said it was bad. 

There are pages for gay ships and there are pages for straight ships, It’s simply a classification method. 


heterosexuals on deviantart are so protective of their heterosexuality that they’re threatened by gay people so they find it necessary to make everything straight so they can feel better about themselves just LOOK


Ah, you’re watching Hetalia? I love that anime. The way they all just [clenches fist] dont die.